Funktioner och egenskaper

No more noise

Thanks to the SoftDrop feature, the siderails are lowered slowly, gently, and silently, resulting in a reduced risk of hand entrapment.

No more falls

With the siderails extending for nearly the entire length of the bed and openings between the bars of just 21 centimeters, the danger of falling is minimized.

Easy adjustment

With the backrest in the raised position, the siderails extend along the length of the mattress platform. And when the patient is lying down, the siderails leave enough space around the patient’s head for easy access. The siderails can be quickly released from both ends of the stretcher.


The Sprint 100 hydraulic system makes it easy to change the stretcher’s configuration from normal bed to CardiacChair position, helping patients with various conditions such as heart disease. It also helps reduce the risk of aspiration.

Adjustable chair position

The Sprint 100 with four-section mattress platform utilizes hydraulics to easily adjust the bed from flat to chair position. This provides the patient with maximum comfort, especially if they suffer from breathlessness or bowel obstruction.

Easy treatment

Many treatments are easier with the patient in a sitting position. It is especially useful for administering medication, either for inhalation or expectoration. It also makes eating and drinking easier.

Maximum comfort

Adjustability makes finding the optimal position for the patient easy, allowing for easier breathing and a better view. It also prevents patients from sliding down the bed and provides more comfort to disoriented patients.

All sides

The Sprint 100 brakes are easily accessible from the head and foot ends of the stretcher, eliminating the need to move to the sides of the bed when using the brake. Additional brakes can be fitted to the sides of the stretcher.

Light & easy

Operating the brakes on the Sprint 100 is very easy. The brakes are both applied and released by pushing the pedal down instead of pulling it up, which reduces the risk of occupational back pain affecting hospital staff.

Smooth ride

The retractable 5th castor lets the Sprint 100 ride smoothly over uneven surfaces and obstacles, such as lift entrances and thresholds. This is crucially important not only for patient comfort but for safety as well, reducing the risk of spinal injuries for example. The castor is spring-loaded for better shock absorption, and its 200-mm diameter makes traversing obstacles easier.


To make the Sprint 100 fully compatible with various medical equipment such as C-arms and X-ray devices, the 5th castor can be easily deployed and retracted. With a simple push of the pedal, the castor retracts into the undercarriage of the stretcher to make room for any type of equipment.

Safe and practical

Pushing a stretcher using the IV poles is common, but the Sprint 100 is the world’s first stretcher designed to make it safe and practical. While standard IV poles often break when used for pushing, the telescopic poles on the Sprint 100 feature a special robust design that reduces maintenance costs, makes work easier for staff, and allows the stretcher to be pushed at a low height for increased patient safety.

Benefits for everyone

IV&Drive was designed to improve the practicality and safety of the stretcher while reducing maintenance costs and the amount of physical effort required of staff.

Tekniska parametrar

2-section platform 4-section platform
Safe working load (SWL) 320 kg 320 kg
Overall length 211 cm 211 cm
Overall width 76 cm 76 cm
Height adjustment 56.5–89 cm 55.5–88 cm
Mattress dimensions 193 × 66 cm 193 × 66 cm
Castors diameter 20 cm 20 cm
FlexiDrive diameter 20 cm 20 cm


2-section platform 4-section platform
Backrest angle 0–90° 0–90° 
Tightrest angle  -   0–40°
Calfrest  -   0–17°
TR/ATR tilt +/− 18°  +/− 18°


2-section platform 4-section platform
Height 35.5 cm 36.5 cm
Amount of bars 6  6
Distance between bars 21 cm  21 cm
Maximum recommended mattress height 13 cm  13 cm



Instructions for Use for Sprint 100
2024-01-08 Instructions for Use for Sprint 100 in Swedish in Linet design