Funktioner och egenskaper

Quick and easy electrical height adjustment allows ease of access plus patient positioning via a single button, convenient for both patients and clinical staff.

Transporting the patient is safe and is not physically strenuous.

The comfort of the patient is ensured during long-term procedures by ergonomical frame and soft padding.

The quick and easy electric control adjusts the height of the chair for ergonomic work with the patient.

Unique siderails design ensures patients safety while soft drop mechanism enables for smooth and easy lowering of siderails and easy access to the patient.

The user-friendly and ergonomic handset includes a pre-set TR, flat and welcome position. Also a safety lock of the functions, GO button and other intuitive features for the easy and quick adjustment of the chair.

Tekniska parametrar

 Lenght  Total rest area 
 2 123 mm 
 Seat section  
 590 mm 
 Height (castors 100 mm) 
 MAX. – rest area to seat section 
 934 mm 
 Height (castors 150 mm)
 MAX. – rest area to seat section 
 970 mm 
 Castor diameter / brake 
 100 mm / individually braked
   Castor diameter / brake 
 150 mm / central brake
 Adjustment angles 
 Back section 
   Armrest – vertical 
 + 42° / − 8.5° 
   Armrest – horizontal 
 Electrical parameters 
 Protection against water and dust 
   Device protection class 
   Classification of applied parts 
   Batteries back up voltage 
 24 V / 1.2 Ah 
   Voltage – input 
 100–240 V 
 Trendelenburg position (TR) 
 Safe Working load 
   205 kg 
 Maximum patient weight 
   190 kg 

Soft Drop technology

The siderails are equipped with Soft Drop technology for optimising and softening the movement. The smooth and quiet lowering of the siderails is comfortable, not only for the staff, but it also makes the patient’s stay in the chair more pleasant.

Trendelenburg position

The anti-shock position, or the so-called Trendelenburg position, is used for short-term collapse and is one of the pre-set functions on the Pura chair.

Mechanical CPR

A quick mechanism allows for the simple adjustment of optimal CPR conditions. The chair platform flattens to provide sturdy support for heart massage.

Ergonomical armrest

The Pura Treatment chair is equipped with comfortable armrests for a long-term stay during dialysis or oncology infusion therapy.

Compact surfaces, seamless upholstery and a construction not exhibiting compound lever patterns make the cleaning of the whole chair PURA much faster. Joined seat and foot sections are covered with antibacterial and seamless upholstery. This solution allows for very simple hygiene. Compact surface of the underframe guarantees easy cleaning.


Instructions for Use for Pura
2024-03-21 Instructions for Use for Pura in Swedish in Linet design
Bruksanvisning NEW PURA
2021-06-14 User Manual for New Pura in SWEDISH language and LINET design



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