Funktioner och egenskaper

The Solido 3 server can be equipped with a spring for upward direction control without the use of the control handle. A tiltable eating board will be appreciated by patients when reading or using a tablet.

The unique shape of the column allows you to attach a clip that can be shifted vertically. Various accessories can be attached to the clip – a water bottle holder, a urine container hook, a small shelf for a phone, etc. The patient always has everything he/she needs within arm’s reach.

Thanks to the ergonomic features and special column structure, handling of the table is very easy.

  • Exceptionally easy adjustment of the table height
  • The metal gallery serves as a practical stopper for items placed on the table
  • Thanks to the ergonomic form, the patient can pull the table closer to the body

The eating board has clean lines for easy cleanability, and it is produced in several colour schemes. The colour of the table can thus be matched to that of the bed and room amenities.

  • The smooth column, seamless technology and practical structural design make it easy to clean the T-shaped table
  • The T-shaped undercarriage can easily fit under the bed even in case of a fifth castor
  • Choose between:
    • The low clearance undercarriage with two small integrated castors
    • The C shape undercarriage with the two larger 50 or 75mm castors to move the table more easily and facilitate its maintenance
  • Table load-bearing capacity 30 kg

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Instructions for Use for Solido 3
2024-04-05 Instructions for Use for Solido 3 in English UK, English (general), English MEA, English ASIA in design